12.23.22: Chattanooga, TN: Christmas

12.13.22: Authors Guild / DVAN Webinar @ 6 pm EST w/ Quynh Do, Abbigail Rosewood, Truong Celan, Vi Khi Nao

12.3.22: Iowa City/Chattanooga

10.16.22: 128 LIT |  Virtual Launch @ 9:00 EST 

10.3.22: Iowa City, IA

10.2.22: Atlanta, GA

9.30.22: Chattanooga, TN

9.16.22: ULL Reading at Beausoliel @ 7 pm 


8.23 - 12.2.22: Lafayette, LA

8.21.22: Chattanooga, TN

8.16 - 8.20.22: SWHNM: Baltimore Inner Harbor Hotel



8.15.22: Oregon, Ohio

7.16 -7.23.22: Chautauqua, NY: Chautauqua Writers' Center

7.15.22: Buffalo, NY

7.14.22: Columbus, OH: The Graduate

7.11.22: Atlanta, GA: Daisuke Shen

7.4.22: Chattanooga, TN

6.21.22 - 7.3.22: Portland, OR: PNCA @ Willamette

6.11.22: Iowa City, IA: Porchlight Literary Arts Center/1019 Washington St/ Iowa City, IA 52246 @ 6pm w/ Katie Jean Shinkle, Ali Raz, Vi Khi Nao, Jessica Alexander

6.3 -6.5.22: Sheridan, WY: Wyoming Writers Conference

5.19.22: The Bloc @ 5pm EST

5.19.22: Black Sun Lit Book Launch for FISH CARCASS @ 8 pm EST

5.16.22: Post Road 39 Launch @ 6:30 pm EST

5.7.22: Kansas City, MO: Cancelled

4.21.22: Iowa City, IA

4.20.22: Vicki Myhren Gallery @ 7 pm: DU Collaborative reading w/Jessica Alexander: 2121 E. Ashbury Ave. Denver, CO 80210

4.16.22: Denver, CO: AAAS Conference @ 1 - 2:30 pm Denver 4: Ruins: A Performance and Interactive Literary Workshop with She Who Has No Master(s

4.9.22: New Orleans, LA: The Splice Poetry Series @ 6 pm w/Jessica Alexander, Vi Khi Nao, & A Scribe Called Quess?

3.31.22: Jacksonville, FL: University of North Florida (UNF)

3.23.22 - 3.26.22: AWP: Philadelphia, PA [online] 

3.27.22: Lafayette, LA
3.26.22: New Orleans, LA

3.22.22: Las Vegas, NV

3.21.22: New Orleans, LA 

3.17.22 - 3.27.22: Spring Break

3.17.22: CUNY Poetry Series:  Frederick Aria

3.15.22: Vi Khi Nao & Jordan Okumura @6:30 PST

3.1.22: Lafayette, LA

2.24.22:  Alleia:  25 E Main St, Chattanooga, TN 37408 

2.24.22: Sarah Burgoyne's class @ 10 am EST: Literature and Creative Practice

2.18.21: San Francisco, CA: Small Press Traffic @7:3O pm @ Artists’ Television Access, 992 Valencia St, SF  w/ Madison McCartha, Ava Hofmann, Never Angeline North, Vi Khi Nao: event

2.10.21: Significant Others: @7pm Central Time w/ B.R. Yeager, Jesse K Baer, Vi Khi Nao. Host: Meghan Lamb

1.19.22: Perfectly Queer Readings @ 7pm PT

1.23.22 - 4.29.22: Boulder, CO: CU

1.17.22: Lafayette, Louisiana 

1.3.22: Des Moines, IA


12.10.21: Iowa City, IA

12.9.21: Grand Island, NE


11.23.21: Belladonna: Sueyeun Juliette Lee, Vi Khi Nao, and Ella Longpre @7:30pm EST

11.23.21: Graduate Fiction Workshop: Sadie Hoagland:  UL's 580: @ 4pm EST

11.22.21: Chattanooga, TN

11.21.21: Nashville, TN

11.17.21: SWHNM X Smithsonian & Djerassi @ 6 MT: Cancelled

10.31.21: Funeral: Vi Khi Nao + Daisuke Shen | A Reading + Film Screening @7pm - 10: Unnameable Books: 615 Vanderbilt Ave (new location)/ Digital screening

10.27.21: Brooklyn Rail Radical Poetry Reading @ 11 am (MT) with Dao Strom, Diana Khoi Nguyen, Hoa Nguyen, Vi Khi Nao, Souvankham Thammavongsa

10.20.21: Lecture: The Magic of Productivity


10.6.21: Providence, RI: Nonfiction Now Seminar

10.5.21: Philadelphia, PA: UPENN reading with Marc Anthony Richardson @ 6 pm ET

9.29.21: Warm Milk/Death Rattle @ 6:30 MT with Ginger Yifan Chen, Alani Rosa Hicks-Bartlett, Rebecca Martin, Charles Gabel, Kallan Walters, Vi Khi Nao, Sarah Mangold, Jon Riccio, Aubrey King

9.3.21: Denver, CO

8.30.21: Boulder, CO

8.29.21: Lamar, CO

8.28.21: Dallas, TX

8.23.21 - 12.9.21: Boulder, CO: CU

8.18-21- 8.22.21: San Francisco/Djerassi

8.15.21: Lafayette, LA

7.26.21: Chattanooga, TN

7.24.27: Alexandria, LA

7.22.21: Lafayette, LA

7.21.21: Little Rock, AR

6.14.21 - 7.21.21: Iowa City, IA

7.2.21: Portland, OR: 7pm PST: Alberta Abbey & Zoom with Juleen Eun Sun Johnson, Vi Khi Nao, & Cedar Sigo


6.25.21 - 7.3.21: PNCA: Summer/Fall

6.26.21: Talk / Class: 10 AM PST

6.26.21: Writer's Journey: Panel: 2-3 pm 

6.24.21: Reading

6.14.21: Las Vegas, NV

6.14.21: Houston, TX

6.7.21: Shreveport, LA

6.5.21: Lafayette, LA

6.4.21: Houston, TX 

5.22.21: Workshop at Wendy's Subway @ 1-3 pm EST

5.21.21: Las Vegas, NV 

4.29.21: Lily Hoang's MFA Cross-Genre Workshop @ 2 - 4:50 pm PST 


4.20.21: Sinister Wisdom 120:  @ 7 pm EST

4.12.21 - 4.22.21: Las Vegas, NV


3.22.21: University of the Art: @ 2pm EST/Reading & Talk: Rahul Mehta's class

3.4.21: SMOL Fair Reading @ 8PM EST: Erika T. Wurth, Loie Rawding, Miryam Sivan, Zubaida Bello, Sarah Burgoyne, Mike Maggio, Grant Maierhofer, Anna Meister, David Leo Rice, Vi Khi Nao, Esteban Rodriguez, & Joel Wachman.


2.25.21: @5 or 6 or 7 EST: Marc Anthony Richardson, Joyelle McSweeney, Angela Buck, Vi Khi Nao, Adam Stein


2.24.21: SF:  THE POETRY CENTER/DVAN @ 2 pm PST: Vi Khi Nao and Dao Strom with emcee, Isabelle Thuy Pelaud: poetry.sfsu.educo-sponsored with DVAN, the Diasporic Vietnamese Artists Network supported inpart by the National Endowment for the Arts: 

2.6.21: @ 7:30 EST/ CRUSH with Ana Armengod, Luke Mannarino, Vi Khi Nao, Julie Patton, Polina West

2.5.21: Iowa City, IA


2019 Neustadt Prize

2019 Scowcroft Prose Prize

2019 Lambda

2020 Lambda

2021 Lambda

The 2019 Chautauqua Janus Prize

2019 Black Warrior Review Flash Fiction Contest

2020 Puerto del Sol

2020 Charlotte Mew Chapbook Contest

2020 Mountain West Writers' Contest

2021 Blood Orange Review Fiction Contest

2021 The Harvey Swados Fiction Prize

2021 UArts Fiction Prize

Mark & Melody Teppola Prizes in Creative Writing at Willamette University

2021 FC2 Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Prize

The 2022 Barthelme Prize for Short Prose

Gigantic Sequins 11th Annual Poetry Contest

2022 George Garrett Fiction Prize


4.14:23: Poetry Project: SWHNM

3.12:23: Lafayette, LA

3.11.23: AWP | @12:10 pm PANEL w/ Jasmine Sawers, Aaron Angello, Vi Khi Nao, Daisuke Shen, Elizabeth Gonzalez James 

3.8.23: Seatle, WA: AWP

3.8.23: Seattle, WA: UNDERBELLY: 119 1st Ave S. 98104 | Kernpunkt, Heavy Feather, Alternating Current | 7 pm to 10 pm

3.6.23: Portland, OR: PNCA

2.24.23: Poetry Project: Virtual Workshop Reading

2.17.23: Houston, TX: Lawndale Art Center @ 7:30 CST

1.11.23: Lafayette

1.2.23: Nashville, TN

1.2.23 -1.9.23: Kahului (MAUI), HAWAII: LIH



3.8.23: Seatle, WA: AWP

NEW QUEER WEIRD (Amber Dawn, Megan Milks, Vi Khi Nao , Tania De Rozario , Larissa Lai) In-person event Five queer authors consider the emergence of a highly nimble and defiant genre. New Queer Weird—a retrospectively-applied label—muddies boundaries, mixing multiple speculative #AWP23 Accepted Events 34 genres and non-normative realism. Often, it presents the more abject, unsettling and nonlinear elements of speculative fiction, including body horror, dystopia, surrealism, dark fantasy and multiverses. Panelists will discuss the defining features of this genre and its value to queer identities and cultural production. Historically, sci-fi, fantasy and horror have been considered distinct genres, each working within their own frameworks and traditions. Like New Weird fiction, New Queer Weird can also be defined by genre mixing, experimentation and reimagining the narrative arc, however, is distinct in its centring of queerness. After fifty-plus years of the coming out story and the persuasive memoir being the prevailing queer narratives, why are trans and queer authors increasingly exploring New Queer Weird?

3.8.23: Seattle, WA: AWP



4.16.22: Ruins: A Performance and Interactive Literary Workshop with She Who Has No Master(s: AAAS Conference with Lily Hoang, Dao Strom, Diana Khoi Nguyen, Vi Khi Nao, Phuong Vuong @ 1pm - 2:30 pm MT with scholars of Southeast Asian American literature Michele Janette (Professor of English, Kansas State Univ), Aline Lo (Assistant Professor of English, Colorado College), and Mai-Linh Hong (Assistant Professor of Literature, Univ of California, Merced.


She Who Has No Master(s) (SWHNM(s)), as a project of multi-voiced collectivity, hybrid poetics, encounters, in-between spaces and (dis)places of the Vietnamese diaspora, will direct attention toward considering the ruin and renewal of the color yellow. We propose a workshop that brings together ritual, performance, and history in order to collectively engage in a community of renewal. This workshop model is designed to excavate the collective ruins through yellow renewal and provision of care. It invites and fosters communal engagements through the tutelage of yellow motifs existing in the fabric of  food (candied ginger, jackfruits, bananas, possibly even durian), in the textile of yellow ghosts (incense burning, altaring), in the ambered garment of self-care, in the generative poetry makings, and in the collective photographic and performative musical chair self-portraitures. It intends to hospitably advance the harmonious relationship between panelists and audience. And, it’s a space and workshop devised to nurture one’s relationship of self-care through communal-based nourishment. 


Prior to the Conference, SWHNM(s) will engage in collaborative writing and acts of self-care as prompted by reflections on legacies of what which has been ruinous to the Southeast Asian woman and trans and non-binary individuals. Collaboration is a concerted act of renewal for both the individual, and the collective of individuals. During the conference workshop, SWHNM(s) will first share this collaborative work via brief “performance,” before proceeding to host three different “stations”: the Altar, a radical re-envisioning of the ancestral altar in which we offer and receive nourishment; the Red Envelope Station, where panelists and audience members will receive care packages and offer words of renewal to gift to others; and the Photo Booth, where individuals will engage in collective and collaborative group self-portraiture and reclaim the color “yellow.”


4.9.21:  Ecological Sounds of the Vietnamese Diaspora: AAAS Conference with Diana Khoi Nguyen, Dao Strom, Vi Khi Nao, Nha Thuyen, Hoa Nguyen, Barbara Tuong, Mai C. Doan  @ 10am - 11:30am PST 


As continued and emerging studies reveal, sound plays an instrumental role in the health of our local and global ecologies. In thinking about this year's conference theme, "Unsettling Transpacific Ecologies," it is crucial to examine the transpacific and diaspora boundaries between sound and soundlessness, where being alive, noticed (or watched), acknowledged (or ignored) intersects with one's ability to sound, or be quiet. How are these borders further complicated by markers of race, gender, and class? How loud can we be, and where, and when--and how does our sounding affect how others sound in response, in return (and vice versa)?


Of course, there are myriad ways of sounding: through music, song, poetry, storytelling, noise, dialogue, speech, all of which have visualized components for sounding as well (sheet music, pages, scripts), including the movement of bodies which channel these sounds. Each of these presenters work with the complicated tensions, shifting borderlands, and invisible inequities latent within social bodies (individual, communal, geographical, and historical). This panel is an event for them to generate and share with each other the ecological sounds of our current moment within the diaspora.



10.24.20: Las Vegas Is the New Heartland

10.19.20: ZOOM: @ 6:30 PST Reading/Talk with Jamil Kochai


10.16.20: SWHNMs/Accented @ 7:30 - 9 pm PDT

9.11.20: ZOOM: @ 3pm EST: Montana Book Festival: Where Is the Voice Coming From? An interview with Catherine Lacey


9.6.20: ZOOM: Dime Grinds 

9.1.20: ZOOM: New Social Environmental Poetry Reading: 2 pm EST

8.31.20: ZOOM: Summer's Last Gasp: @ 7pm ETS

8.15.20: ZOOM: @ 12 pm PST: The Collectibles: Lesbian Poet Trading Cards Live Reading & Open Mic

7.25.20 -8.3.20: Portland, OR: PNCA

7.26.20: ZOOM: PNCA: Lecture/Talk @ 10 am 

7.24.20: ZOOM: PNCA: Reading @ 6:30pm with Alejandro de Acosta and Sara Jaffe.


5.30.2020: Fayetteville, AR: Fayetteville Arkansas Public Library (cancelled)

5.26.2020: Lumina: ZOOM: 6:30PM EST

5.1.2020: INSTAGRAM: Bomb EOD: 2PST/ 5ET

4.22.2020: Night Poems @ 5 pm PST (30 minutes) : http://bit.ly/nightpoems5 

4.18.2020: ZOOM: Segue Reading/ Artists Space @ 5 pm  EST with Frederic Tuten and Vi Khi Nao

4.11.20: New York, NY: Gern en Regalia (cancelled)

4.9.20: Troy, NY: The REV (cancelled)

2.29.20: Las Vegas, NV: Neon Lit Fund Raising/Reading Event: Mir Arif, Vi Khi Nao, Chelsi Sayti, Cody Gambino, Elena Brokaw, Heather Lang-Cassera: @ 7 pm: Fergusons Downtown: Above Mothership: 1028 Fremont Street


2.17.2020: Claremont, CA: Pitzer College: 2:45 - 5:30 pm

1.10.20 - 1.15.20: Ha Noi, Vietnam: AJAR -- Cancelled


3.27.19-3.30.19: Portland, OR: AWP: VIETNAM IS A 7 LETTER WORD: Moderator: Dao Strom. Panelists: Aimee Phan, Hoa Nguyen, Vi Khi Nao, Thi Bui. DESCRIPTION: Answering back to over-written narratives, these women of the Vietnamese diaspora offer insight into how writers may elasticize and complicate definitions of one’s various assigned “identities” and lend voice to the silenced, obscured, or overlooked. Addressing issues of craft and creative process in the elucidation of trauma, repercussions of war and colonialism, erasure and objectification, this panel’s topics will include narrative approach, collaboration, hybridity, and renewing the lyric. STATEMENT OF MERIT: The topic of Vietnam and its contextual war was brought back into US consciousness with the Fall 2017 debut of Burns & Novick's 18-hour documentary titled “The Vietnam War”. Like so many media representations, Vietnamese voices are lost, regulated as background and minimized. The writers of this diaspora offer critical ways to claim underrepresented and erased histories and promote visibility and agency in response to war, colonialism, exodus, dislocation, traumas, and divided identities.


12.28.19: Las Vegas, NV

12.21.19: Iowa City, IA


12.17.19: Des Moines, IA: Christmas


12.9.19: Las Vegas, NV: Reading at Community Lutheran Church @ 6:30 pm

12.2.19: Las Vegas, NV: Reception with Lindsay Nixon @ 6pm: BMI Library

11.22.19: Las Vegas, NV: UNLV: Diversity Data Blitz: 10:15 am: Student Union

11.14.19: Portland, OR: Reed College Visiting Writers Series: She Who Has No Master(s) @ 6:30pm,  Eliot Chapel: 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd

11.12.19: Las Vegas, NV: UNLV: Art Department: Student Workshops with Art Department, Marcus Civin and David Rowe @ 6 - 8:45 pm: Room: BEH: 242

11.8 -11.10.19: Los Angeles, LA.

11.6.19: Las Vegas, NV: Workshop (career talk) with UNLV's Asian American Native American Pacific Islander Organization @ 1-2pm 

11.5.19. Las Vegas, NV: Life is an Op-Ed: On Making Opinions in an Age of Bewilderment @ 7pm, UNLV's Beverly Rogers Literature and Law Building (RLL): Room 101 4505 S. Maryland Pkwy


10.28.19: Las Vegas, NV: Dao, Stacey, Vi: BMI: She Who Has No Master(s): Food, Memory, Mythology: 7pm East Las Vegas Library, 2851 E. Bonanza Rd


10.22.19: Las Vegas, NV: The Believer Presents and interactive comic w/ Matt Huynh @ 7pm: Art Square Theater 1025 South 1st Street


10.19.19: Las Vegas, NV: LV Book Festival

10.19.19: Las Vegas, NV: Days of Awe: An Afternoon with A.M. Homes @ 11 am, Historic Fifth Street School 401 South 4th Street

10.15.19: Norman, OK: Readings and Book Signings by the 2020 Neustadt Prize Jury and Visiting Writers: 4 - 5:30pm @ Scholars Room - Oklahoma Memorial Union - Rm 315: André Naffis-Sahely, Anna Badkhen, Dunya Mikhail, Felipe Restrepo Pombo, J. L. Powers, Joseph Legaspi, Kapka Kassabova, Katherena Vermette, Lilliam Rivera, Philip Metres, Vi Khi Nao


10.14 - 10.18.2019: Norman, OK: Neustadt Prize

10.3.19: Las Vegas, NV: Believer Presents: Susan Steinberg in conversation with Steve Woodward @7pm: Writer's Block

10.1.19: Las Vegas, NV: PBS @3:30 pm


9.30.19: Las Vegas, NV: UNLV Class Visit: Intro to Creative Writing: 4:00pm- 5:15pm. BMI Conference Room

9.27.19 - 10.7.2019: X

9.23.19: Las Vegas: Writer's Block: Believer Presents: Sarah M. Broom in conversation with Claytee D. White @ 7pm 

9.13.19 - 9.15.19: Reno Lit Crawl: Title: A Woman's Work is Never Done with Kimberly Roberts Washoe Public House, 275 Hill St, 4:30-5:15 pm on September 14

9.3.19: Las Vegas, NV: Beyond Words: An Evening with Black Mountain Institute fellows: Ahmed Naji, Amy Kurzweil, and Vi Khi Nao @ 7pm

8.23.19 - 12.14.19: Las Vegas, NV: Shearing Fellow.

7.30.19: Portland, OR: PNCA Low-Res MFA in CW Talks: Vi Khi Nao and Daniela Naomi Molnar


7.28.19- 8.3.2019: Portland, OR: Pacific Northwest College of Art

7.28.19: Portland, OR: MFA in Creative Writing Launch Party : Readings by Vi Khi Nao and Brandon Shimoda. 7pm -12am

7.8.19 - 7.12.2019: Chautauqua, NY: Writer-in-Residence

7.7.19: Chautauqua, NY: Free Sundays Reading Series @ 3:30 pm


7.7.19: Chautauqua, NY: The Chautauqua Janus Prize

4.9.2019- 7.1.2019: IOWA

3.16.19-5.26.2019: Malmö, Sweden: Sheep Machine on Speed 2

2.28.19: New York, NY: Art + Life Series @ 8pm: 2960 Broadway: 10027 (Dodge Hall 501)

2.23.19: Philadelphia, PA: UDP reading: Diana Hamilton, Ed Steck, Natalie Lyalin, Saretta Morgan, Josef Kaplan, Jena Osman, Rob Fitterman, Kevin Platt, Vi Khi Nao, Lawrence Giffin, Kevin Varrone, Holly Melgard, Monica de la Torre: Hiding Place:  1901 S 9th St #306, Philadelphia, PA 19148

1.22.19 - 3.20.2019: New York, NY: Columbia : Vi

1.21.2019: Phoenix, AZ: Jeanne

1.19.19-1.20.2019: Tucson, Arizona: Casa Libre

1.13.19:  San Jose, CA: San Jose Art Musuem @ 2 pm

1.12.19 --1.18.2019: San Francisco, CA: Djerassi Artist Residency




11.29.18: Iowa City, IA


11.26. 2018: New York, NY: Poetry Project w/ Alicia Jo Rabins

11.25.2018: Brooklyn, NY: Della Reading Series @ 3-5pm |1238 Prospect Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11218


11.2.2018: Iowa City, IA


10.30.2018: Las Vegas, NV


10.24.18: San Diego, CA: San Diego State University: @ 7 pm in Love Library 430 (Leon Williams Room)

10.5.18-10.7.18: &NOW 2018 & Whenever It's Needed: A Festival of New Writing

9.22.18: Chicago, IL:  Uncharched Books @ 5pm w/ Andrew Cantrell + more?:   2620 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647


9.21.18: Salt Lake City, UT: University of Utah: one-hour public outreach visit and lunch @ 12:00 pm.

9.20.18: Salt Lake City, UT: University of Utah: @ 7pm: one-hour Guest Writers Series public reading

9.7.18: Oakland, CA: Studio One Art Center @ 7:30 PM w/ Steven Seidenberg, Vernon Keeve & Caroline Kessler: 365 45th St, Oakland, CA 94609


9.2.18: Los Angeles, CA: Pop-Hop: 5002 York Blvd | Highland Park @ 3pm w/ Robyn O'Neil, Jake Vermaas, Vi Khi Nao, Music: Logan Hone, James Brinkley

8.25.18: Lost Angeles, CA: Poetic Research Bureau w/ Joshua Edwards & Lynn Xu @7:30 PM: 951 Chung King Rd

8.20.18: Los Angeles, CA

8.12.18 - 8.19.18: Cape Floral, FL: Home Away From Home

7.26.18: Iowa City, IA

7.24.18: Brooklyn, NY: Spoonbill Books @ 7pm w/ Chia-Lun Chang, Vi Khi Nao, Meg Onli, Natalie Diaz, and Saretta Morgan, : 99 Montrose Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11206 

7.22.18: Ridgewood, NY: Topos Bookstore @ 6:30 pm w/ Claire Donato & Rachael Wilson: 788 Woodward Ave, Ridgewood, NY

7.21.18: Brooklyn, NY:  Unnameable Books @ 6:30pm with Brenda lijima, Lynne DeSilva-Johnson, and Erin Fleming

7.19.18: Brooklyn, NY: McNally Jackson Books @7 pm with Anna Moschovakis and Christina Vega-Westhoff:  76 N 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

7.18.18: New York, NY:  CoDex Books @  7pm w/ Susan Daitch: 1 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012

7.17.18: New York, NY: West Coast Launch for Sheep Machine

6.24.18: Henderson, NV:  Book Signing from 12-3pm @ Anthony & Wendy Copper Cat Books, LLC 1570 West Horizon Ridge Pkwy Suite 170 Henderson NV 89012 (702) 567-2666

6.13.18: Oakland, CA: BOOK LAUNCH: E.M. Wolfman: 410 13th St. w/ Jennifer S. Cheng, Vi Khi Nao, Rita Bullwinkel @ 7pm

6.12.18: San Francisco, CA: BOOK LAUNCH: Green Apple Books: 506 Clement St w/ Jennifer S. Cheng, Vi Khi Nao, Rita Bullwinkel @ 7pm

5.31.18: IOWA CITY, IA

5.23.18 - 5.29.18: Mexico City, MEXICO

5.17.18: Brooklyn, NY: Berl's w/ Liz Bowen, Vi Khi Nao, Katy Mongeau & Moina Pam Dick @ 7pm

5.10.18 - 5.12.18: Clinton, NY: Hamilton College: On Amy Zhang defense team

4.10.18: Las Cruces, NM: White Sands National Monument w/ Tania


3.30.18: New York, NY:  CANADA GALLERY: 333 Broome St @ 7-10 pm w/Miguel Gutierrez, Douglas Martin & Vi Khi Nao

3.29.18: New York,NY: The Asian American Writers' Workshop @ 7pm. W/ Celina Su, Vi Khi Nao, Brandon Shimoda & Dorothy Wang (110-112 W. 27th Street, Sixth Floor, NY, NY 1000)

3.29.18: Brooklyn, NY: Pratt @ 2 -3:50 pm: 200 Willoughby Avenue  Brooklyn, NY 11205 

3.9.18: Tampa, FL: Gremlins 3: AWP (an off-site reading) @7-10pm. W/ Ben Fama, Liz Bowen, Bianca Stone, Josef Kaplan, Bridget Talone, Ed Steck, Shy Watson, Amy Saul-Zerby, Rachelle Toarmino, Ben Pease, and Kim Calder. QUAID: 5128 N Florida Ave, Tampa, Florida 33603

3.9.18: Tampa, FL: Offsite reading: Southern Brewing @ 7-9pm. W/ John Paul Stadler, Danilo John Thomas, Alex McElroy, Sofia Samatar, Jennifer Tseng, Kelley Parker Ervick, Diana Arterian, Aisha Sabatini Sloan, Natalie Eilbert, Vanessa Angelica Villarreal, E.G. Asher. 4500 N. Nebraska Ave.

3.8.18: Tampa, FL: Offsite reading: Join Always Crashing, Barrelhouse, Grimoire, and Vestiges / Black Sun Lit at C.1949 Florida Beer Garden @ 5 pm: Readers include: Elise Blackwell, Gabriel Blackwell, Dan Brady, Emily Corwin, Safia Elhillo, Andy Farkas, Erin Fleming, Michael Martone, Vi Khi Nao, Chet'la Sebree, Chris Tonelli

3.8.18: Tampa, FL: AWP: Offsite reading: FC2 Flash Reading @ 7 pm: Featured readers include Aimee Parkison, Sarah Blackman, George Choundas, Vi Khi Nao, Michael Mejia, Jennifer Natalya Fink, Steve Tomasula, Hilary Plum, and Joanna Ruocco.

3.7.18: Tampa, FL: AWP: ARRIVAL

2.24.18: Seattle, WA: @ 7pm. W/ Dao Strom & Stacey Tran.

2.23.18: Portland, OR: Radio interview w/ David @ 3pm

2.23.18: Portland, OR: @ 6pm. W/ Dao Strom & Stacey Tran.

2.17.18: Las Vegas, NV: Writer's Block @ 7 pm. W/ Noah Cicero & Maegan Poland


10.6.18: Notre Dame, IN: “We, Too:” Fiction Writers Reclaiming Violence Under a Hostile Political Regime w/ Carol Guess, Courtney Morgan, Jennifer FinkSarah Blackman & Vi Khi Nao @ University of Notre Dame


3.10.18: Tampa, FL: Teaching / Sex / Writing: Number: S256: Date/Time: 3:00pm - 4:15pm. W/ Andrea Lawlor, Samuel Ace, Ronaldo V. Wilson, Myriam Gurba. Location: Room 17, Tampa Convention Center, First Floor


3.9.18: Tampa, FL: AWP: Writing the Frail Essay: Number: F253 Date/Time: 3:00pm - 4:15pm: W/ Caren Beilin, Amina Cain, Carolina Ebeid, Shamala Gallagher. Location: Room 3 & 4, Tampa Convention Center, First Floor

1.18.17: Kelly Writer's House, University of Pennsylvania"Marginalized Work, Innovative Critique" Panel w/ Caren Beilin, Matt Jakubowski, Steven Dunn, &  Vi Khi NaoHosted by Full Stop magazine (and in celebration of its first print anthology), writers and editors across presses will discuss innovative dynamics in contemporary criticism. Traditional modes of literary critique might include a summary of a novel's plot, maybe a recommendation (or not) to purchase. But how might experimental forms of criticism better serve marginalized works, including translations and nontraditional writing by women, especially when these works often eschew plot or a patriarchal (logical, hierarchical) ordering of meaning/event? What kinds of radical tactics must be performed in the criticism of new radical work?


2.9.17: AWP: Washington, DCR202. Asian-American Generations at Coffee House Pressw/  Evelina Galang, Vi Khi Nao, Bao Phi, and Karen Yamashita


3.31.17: Montclair State University: Poetry and Politics PanelW/ Jonterri Gadson, Vi Khi Nao, Vincent Toro, and Tika Lark


4.23.17: Los Angeles Times Festival of BooksFiction: The New New Narrative, Conversation 2052    Panel w/ Wendy C. Ortiz, Vi Khi Nao, Matias Viegener, & Agatha french




Jan 18.2017:  Philadelphia, PA: The Arts Cafe/UPENN @6pm w/ Steven Dunn with Caren Beilin, Hilary Plum, Vi Khi Nao, and Matt Jakubowski

Jan 20.2017: Los Angeles, CA: Book Show in Highland Park on Friday @ 7:30pm/Vermin on the Mount Reading Series w/ Jade Chang, Dana Johnson, Joshua Mohr, Vi Khi Nao, Lou Rowan, Melissa Yancy & your host Jim Ruland

Jan 21. 2017: San Diego, CA: 3rdSpace @ 7pm/ Vermin on the Mount Reading Series w/ Jade Chang, Heather Fowler, Joshua Mohr, Vi Khi Nao, Louis Rowan, David Tomlinson, Margaret Wappler  & your host Jim Ruland

Jan 23. 2017: Sin City, NV

Jan 25. 2017: Airspace @ 7pm

Jan 27. 2017: New York, NY: East Village @ 6pm with Daniela 

Jan 29.2017: Stillwater, OK: OSU: Dinner with Aimee/OSU students

Jan 30.2017: Stillwater, OK: OSU: Edmon Low Browsing Room @ 6pm

Feb  4. 2017: Durham, NC: Duke University's Little Corner Reading Series @ 8 pm

Feb 8.2017: Washington, DC: AWP

Feb 9.2017: Washington, DC: AWP: 1:30- 2:45 pm: Marquis Salon 3 & 4, Marriott Marquis, Meeting Level Two 

Feb 9.2017: Washington, DC: AWP:  9-11 pm: Join Nightboat Books & Belladonna* for an offsite reading at DC Arts Center w/ readings by authors :Samiya Bashir, Brynne Rebele-Henry, Jared Stanley, Vi Khi Nao, Melissa Buzzeo, Gracie Leavitt, John Keene, Mahogany Browne, Jennifer Firestone, Caroline Crumpacker, E. Tracy Grinnell, Laura Moriarty, Rosamond S. King. DC Arts Center: 2438 18TH STREET NW, WASHINGTON DC 20009

Feb 11.2017: Washington, DC: AWP: Rhizome @8pm: Please join Action Books, Calamari Press, Per Second Press, and Tarpaulin Sky Press at Rhizome for readings featuring: Nat Baldwin, Claire Donato, Johannes Göransson, Elizabeth Hall, Brandon Hobson, Robert Lopez, Vi Khi Nao Julie Reverb, Joanna Ruocco, Abe Smith, Aaron Apps, Valerie Hsiung, Amy King

Mar 3. 2017: Cambridge, MA: Dire Reading Series @ 7pm: 541 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE w/ Elizabeth Searle, Vi Khi Nao, Adam Scheffler

Mar 10.2017: San Francisco, CA: Alley Cat Books: 3036 24th St @ 7pm w/Alli Warren & Jared Stanley Book Launch w/ Vi Khi Nao

Mar 16.2017: New York, NY: WordHack: Babycastles (137 West 14th St., Floor 2) @ 8pm w/ Amelia Winger-Bearskin, Vi Khi Nao, David Bering

Mar 17.2017: Philadelphia, PA: Frank O'Hara's Last Lover: Sam's Morning Glory on 9th & Fitzwater @7:30 w/ Jasmine Gibson, Sophia Dahlin, Vi Khi Nao, Jason Mitchell

Mar 21.2017: Dedham, MA: The Mother Brook Literary Series: 123 High Street @ 7pm w/ John Paul Stadler & Vi Khi Nao

Mar 23.2017: Philadelphia, PA: Caren Beilin's class @ 3pm

Mar 25.2017: Brooklyn, NY: Unnameable Books @ 6pm w/ Marc Anthony Richardson & Vi Khi Nao

Mar 31.2017: Montclair, NJ: Montclair State University @ 2:30pm:  Poetry and Politics panel featuring Jonterri Gadson, Teka-Lark Lo, Vi Khi Nao, and Vincent Toro. Moderated by Claudia Cortese.

Mar 31.2017: Brooklyn, NY: Berl's @ 7pm w/ Dia Felix in celebration of YOU YOU YOU, Ana Božičević, Vi Khi Nao, Anna Joy Springer,

April 3.2017: Tucson, AZ: Spork Storefront: 2229 E. Broadway Blvd. w/ Marty Cain, Michael Martin Shea, Vi Khi Nao  @7pm

April 4.2017: Las Vegas, NV: Writer's Block: 1020 Fremont St #100 w/ Marty Cain, Michael Martin Shea, Vi Khi Nao, Mark Cirino, Hanna Andrews, Christine Bettis

April 7-9.2017:High desert near Joshua Tree in Southern California

April 15.2017: Denver, CO: Innisfree: 1301 Pennsylvania Ave @ Elizabeth Hall, Vi Khi Nao, Caroline Swanee Swanson, Steven Dunn

April 22.2017: Washington, DC: Writers Connected Conference

April 23.2017: Los Angeles, CA:  Los Angeles Times Festival of Books: Fiction: The New Avant Garde Sunday | 4/23/2017 12 PM in Salvatori Computer Science Center 101 

April 26.2017: New York, NY: Nel

May 8. 2017: Brooklyn, NY: Powerhouse Arena: No Tokens: 7-9 PM in Dumbo, Brooklyn

May 8. 2017: Brooklyn, NY: Brooklyn Public Library: Belladonna Series @ 7-8:30pm w/ Susan Briante, Caroline Crumpacker, Vi Khi Nao & Sarah Riggs

May 10.2017: New York, NY: Book Culture: 450 Columbus Ave w/ Tetman Callis, Amanda Goldblatt, Vi Khi Nao, and Kathryn Scanlan

May 20.2017: Philadelphia, PA: Giovanni's Room bookstore @ 6:30pm

Jun 12.2017: New York, NY: NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts: 566 LaGuardia Pl @ 7pm

Aug 25.2017: Los Angeles, CA: Other Books: 2006 E Cesar E Chavez Avenue @7pm w/ Elizabeth Hall, Myriam Gurba, Danielle Pafunda, Vi Khi Nao

Oct 18-21.2017: Bangor, ME: University of Maine

Oct 25. 2017: New York City, NY: Film screening "Fleshly Squeezed" @ 11:55am to 1:30pm

Oct 27. 2017: New York City, NY:  Bureau of General Services- @ 7 to 9 pmQueer Division The LGBT Center 208 W. 13th Street, Room 210 N  with/ Alexis Clements, Amber Carpenter-Sanford, Tara Shea, Burke Joan Larkin, Vi Khi Nao, Sarah Fonseca, Julie R. Enszer, Ayasha Guerin, Red Washburn, Jenny Factor, Sarah Sarai will celebrate Sinister Wisdom's 106th issue: The Lesbian Body.

Oct 30.2017: Philadelphia, PA: Kelly Writers House @ 6pm w/ Marc Anthony Richardson, Raquel Salas Rivera, Caren Beilin, Vi Khi Nao, Elias Rodrigues



Feb  4. 2016: South Bend, IN: Notre Dame McKenna Hall

April  1. 2016:  Los Angeles, CA: Poetic Research Bureau w/ Kate Durbin, Brenda Iijima, Orlando White, Josef Kaplan, Syd Staiti, Mathew Timmons, Vi Khi Nao, Eric Sneathen, Lauren Levin, Melissa Buzzeo

May  3. 2016:  Iowa City, IA: Prairie Lights

Jun  10. 2016 : Providence, RI: Tommy's Place w/ Claire Donato, Mark Baumer, Vi Khi Nao, and Danniel Schoonebeek

June 23.2016: Brooklyn, NY: Berl's w/ Vi Khi Nao, Andrew Durbin & Diana Sue Hamilton

Aug  5. 2016:  New York, NY: Secret Garden w/ Sean Mullins (our valliant Red Hood riding thru town)
Vi Khi Nao (mysterious mistress w heart on her sleeve)
Satchel Lee (maiden Satchy Lewie testing new waters)
Monica Terrero (humble knight on important quest)
Kevin Aranibar (young lord of great potential)
Patricia Ellah (sweet sweet princess)

Aug  9. 2016 : Brooklyn, NY: Unnameable Books

Aug 12. 2016: Brooklyn, NY: Berl's w/ Claire Donato, Vi Khi Nao, Ian Hatcher & Valerie Hsiung

Aug 23.2016: Brooklyn, NY: 61 Local: Ladies of the Witching Hour w/ Hilary Leichter, Rita Bullwinkel, Rebekah Bergman, Vi Khi Nao

Aug 27. 2016: Durham, NC: Invisible Bear Launch Party, Volume 2: The Shed w/ Oluwatomisin Oredein, Ryan Simmons, Vi Khi Nao, Eli Viszk

Sep 10. 2016: Providence, RI: Ada @ 6- 9 pm w/ Claire Donato & Vi Khi Nao

Sep 16. 2016: Cambridge, MA: Outpost 186: Jessica Bozek & SMALL ANIMAL PROJECT reading series presents new work from Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, Vi Khi Nao, Beth Steidle

Sep 17. 2016:  Burlington, VT: Dudley H. Davis Center

Sep 18.2016:  Montreal, Quebec: Katy Mongeau

Sep 30.2016: New York, NY: Vacancy Project: Cixous 72 Reading 02 @ 8pm w/ Alex Patrick Dyck, Chrissy Jones, Katy Mongeau, Dave Morse, Vi Khi Nao, Asha Sheshadri

Oct 14.2016: Amherst, MA: A3 Gallery: 28 Amity St. 1D, Amherst, MA @7pm w/ Jessica O Marsh & Vi Khi Nao

Oct 21.2016: Brooklyn, NY:  163 Hawthorn St. @7pm w/ Emji Spero, Vi Khi Nao, Cornelia Barber

Oct 27.2016: Brooklyn, NY: Pratt @ 2pm

Oct 27. 2016: Brooklyn, NY: Molasses Books @8pm w/  Claire Donato, Amy King, Vi Khi Nao, Laura Warman, Elizabeth Hall

Oct 28. 2016: New York, NY: St. Marks Church in the East Village @8pm w/ Jason P. Smith & Vi Khi Nao

Nov  1. 2016: Providence, RI: Brown Bookstore @6pm

Nov 3. 2016: Durham, NC: EV

Nov 9.2016: Providence, RI: CD Wright memorial

Nov 13.2016: NY, NY:  Hudson View Gardens, West 183rd Street & Pinehurst Ave. @5pm w/ Molly Rose Quinn, Vi Khi Nao, Alison Prine

Nov 16.2016: Iowa City, IA: Prairie Lights @ 7pm

Nov 17. 2016: Rock Island, IL: Rozz Tox @8pm w/ Holly Amos & Vi Khi Nao

Nov 30.2016: San Diego, CA: UCSD: Ben Doller & Sandra Doller:  SME Performance Space @4:30pm

Dec 1. 2016: San Diego, CA: morning chat with grad students

Dec  1. 2016: San Diego, CA: CSUSM @ 7pm: Ben Doller & Sandra Doller

Dec 2. 2016: San Diego, CA: Coffee with students @ 10 am

Dec 3. 2016: Los Angeles, CA: Pop Hop @ 7pm w/Amina Cain, Myriam Gurba, Elizabeth Hall, Vi Khi Nao

Dec 4. 2016: San Diego, CA: Non-Standard Lit @ 5pm w/Brian Blanchfield, Vi Khi Nao, & Hari Alluri

Dec 6. 2016: Sacramento, CA: Sac State: Library Gallery @ 6:30pm

Dec 8. 2016: New York, NY: Red Room at KGB Bar @7pm w/ Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib, Danniel Schoonebeek, Vi Khi Nao

Dec 10. 2016:Portland, OR: Mother Foucault w/ Emily Carr, Vi Khi Nao, Valerie Hsiung @ 7pm

Dec 11.2016: Seattle, WA: Common Area Maintenance/ Margin Shift @ 7pm w/ Valerie Hsiung, Vi Khi Nao, Ken White, Prageeta Sharma, Corinna Rosendahl 

Dec 13.2016: Las Vegas, NV: EV