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TYRANT HOTEL: "The Human Camouflage" 

WESTERN HUMANITIES REVIEW: "If the Wind Does Not Serve, Take The Genius to Her Limits"

THE WHITE REVIEW: "Symmetry of Provocation"

NOTRE DAME REVIEW: "Pulverized Oat Wheels"

MCSWEENEYS :"Lonely Not Like A Cloud"

POWERHOUSE: "Field Notes On Suicide Or The Inability To Commit Suicide Or It's Hard To Follow A Pomeranian Around" 

THE ACCOUNT: "Capable of Giving Her Leprosy"

LOLLI EDITIONS: “Tools For Extinction: Ashan”

BLACK MOUNTAIN RADIO: “Diurnal, Nocturnal” 

from 11:11 PRESS  Fall 2021

Cover Art : Tiffany Lin

Cover Design : Matthew Revert