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This course is designed to excite a chronic and incurable exercise in literary arrangement through analytical and thoughtful discussions of diverse and nonfiction texts in tandem with cinema. We will use theoretical and empirical techniques and logic represented and mastered in films and books to manufacture literary works of highly innovative, comedic cadence. The course will provoke an undeniable attachment not only to the language and sound of images, but also to the cinema of language. You will critique manically, perceive politically, think radically, and document rigorously your knowledge of writing and cinema in a journal. The ultimate purpose of this course is to extinguish your rigid definition of what constitutes fiction and nonfiction writing, and to push you to create literary and cinematic pieces that you wouldn’t have produced without the full immersive discourse of sound, film, performance art, poetry, narrative splendors, and other visual singularities. I hope you will achieve this apotheosis in the arc of this semester, the apotheosis of writing and cinema: to convert text from light to darkness and from darkness back into light, aiming for 30 frames per second in your own narrative voice.



  • Skill level: Advanced

  • Maximum Class Size: 6

  • Tuition: $500


How often are we expected to meet?

Once a week for 3 hours

Are there prompts?


What if I don't like to write or read or watch movies?

You are doomed.

Will there be a reading list?

Yes and this list will appear in the provided syllabus.

Will watching films being required for this course?


What to expect from the 5-week online workshop:

            *Writing exercises

            *Typed remarks to stories of all workshopped classmates.

             *Read all required text

             *Skype conference with instructor once during the course.


How do refunds work?

End of 1st week of class: 70% 

End of 2nd week of class: 40%

End of 3rd week of class: 0%

What does the instructor expect from her students?

Punctuality (be on time)

Openness (unlock your emotional wallet)

Honesty (face your fear nao rather than later)

Generosity (give more than what is asked of you)

Communication (voice your enthusiasms, concerns, and thoughts)

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