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64 Chromosomes.” Socrates on the Beach.  Fall 2021

"Close Measurement." Conjunctions. Fall 2022

"A Conversation Between Two Trees: Tree A & Tree B." Pandemic Publications. Spring 2020

"Campari Soda Isn't An Amphibian." X-ray. Spring 2021

Don't Photosynthesize, My Love.” Action Books: Strange Fiction Series.  Winter 2023

­ "Dormitory of Sweetness."ELDERLY. Spring 2020

"Dragon Eyes." The Sexy Grammarian. Spring 2021

"Dragon Eyes." 24 VIEWS. Fall 2021

"Excipere." West Branch. Fall/Winter 2021

Greener than Kohlrabi.” Chicago Review. Spring 2023

"Minky Murpha." Socrates on the Beach.  Fall 2021

"Officer Brink." VIDA. Spring 2020

"Ometha." The Offending Adam. Spring 2021

Pre-coital Hypothermia.” Tiny Molecules.  Spring 2023

“The Uber Driver.” Minnesota Review. #99. 

"Salt of the Earth." Post Road. Fall 2021

“Zapped from a Thunderbolt.” NOON. Spring 2023

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