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“Using Walnut As Cloth.” Elimae, Fall 2009; 

“The Tenant.” NOON, Spring 2012

“The Phone Booth.” VISIONS, Spring 2012

“Liquid Mucus” and “Shoulder Pads”: The Iowa Review, Fall 2013

“The Room In Five Moods of Cannots.” Ploughshares, Spring 2013

“Urine Inmates.” Forklift, Ohio, Fall 2015 

“Lady Gaga Apples.” The Lesbian Body, Fall 2017

“A Bell Curve Is A Pregnant Straight Line.” Belladonna*, Spring 2017

“The Definition of Charisma & Resent.” Crevice, Summer 2017

Nautical Shrouds.” Asian American Writers’ Workshop. Winter 2017 

“The Room: An Anthromorphized Collection.” Projective Industries, Spring 2018

“Homeless Possibilities.” SpeCt books. Spring 2019

The Afternoon On Impulse” and “Good Marriages Should Live On Ice.” The Best American Poetry Blog. Spring 2019

Widow.” Pangyrus. Spring 2020

“Sapphở.” diaCRITICS. Fall 2020

Being A Square Is Not Enough.” La Vague Journal. Fall 2020

Video of Your Pre-Lunch Tour.” La Vague Journal. Fall 2020

“Algorithm Forever.” Split Lip Magazine. Spring 2021

Cashews.” Selffuck. Spring 2021

Cover art/drawing by

Sophia Trinh

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