FUNERAL is a chapbook co-authored by Vi Khi Nao and Daisuke Shen, written in the form of prose, images, alphabetical lists, diagrams, songs, and miniature plays. The story follows the character Eddie from the 1989 film Funeral Parade of Roses in her descent to hell, where she meets and falls in love with Xing Jin, also known as Madame Rose, during lunch one day. Together, they begin to work through the shame and trauma of their past lives, spending their days creating Hell's first boba shop and cheering on Hell's pingpong team in their final match against Heaven, but their relationship soon falls apart. When Xing returns home to Shanghai via Hell's bullet train, Eddie sets out on a journey to win her back, accompanied by her friends Tony Leung, the god Tu'Er Shen, the moon, Mary Poppins, and her over-talkative Uber driver Jimin Park. FUNERAL is an exploration of morality, pain, queerness, and Asian American identities written with irreverent humor and unflinching honesty.

FUNERAL : short film [4:16]