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2023: SPECTRA |  "Wanderers of the Wold" & "The Blind Lead The Blind To Opposite Ends of the Universe" | w/ Christine Shan Shan Hou.


2023: BODY FLUIDS | “How To Desire w/out a Libido” & “I love it when you ask me to sit on your face” | w/ Christine Shan Shan Hou 


2023: BOTTLECAP PRESS | “Evolution of the Bullet” ; “Evolution of the Bullet” ; “Poultry Poetry” ; “Kern Baby” ; “Oh” ; “Memory Theater” ; “Amongst the Demographics of Jealousy, Envy” ; “I Miss my Blood When It Is Not Inside of Me But Forget About It When It Is” ; “Wind-whip” ; “A Hatchet To My Fantasy And Now I Am Sad” ; “An Enslaved Sexual Ache With Guns” ; “Prologue To Brazilian Wax” ; “Apple Sestina”, “There Is a Uselessness To Your Existence That Brings Me Light” ; “Arrival Fallacy”, “Inside A Walnut” ; “Juicy Undoward” ;“Final Destination” ; “Putrescent Organic Romance Prepubescent Wave Of Sorrow” | w/ Christine Shan Shan Hou.

2023: BURROW PRESS | “Superficial Nerves” VKN

2023: 128 LIT | "Dead Star Life" | Christine Shan Shan Hou

2023: SARKA PUBLISHING | “Glory Hole” | Christine Shan Shan Hou

2023: THE TINY | “Lady Herbaceous” ; “Nenuphar” ; “Scenes From A Residency Complex In Japan” ; “A Brief Questionnaire For Our Lady Of Lettuce” |  w/ Christine Shan Shan Hou

2023: EX-PURITAN | “Empty Centipede” ; “Tallest in Constantinople” ; “The Temple of Inconvenient Sisterhood” ; “The Giraffe from Constantinople” "w/ Christine Shan Shan Hou


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