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A cross between the genre of newspaper personals and the self-display of online dating, Human Tetris comprises a series of calls for lovers: whimsical, serious, mournful, thirsty, trite, and true. Written as a collaboration between two very different voices, with each entry addressed not to but through the other, Human Tetris is an obviously personal project that seeks not so much connection as an understanding of the shape of desire.


9.6.19 | PRESS 11:11

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Alethea Tusher, review: ENTROPY 

JM Schreiber, review: ROUGHGHOSTS

Scott Hadley, review: TRIUMPH OF THE NOW

Venus Davis, review: MARIAS AT SAMPAGUITAS

Christopher Margolin, review: THE POETRY QUESTION

Joseph Edwin Haeger, review: THE BIG SMOKE

Bryce Jones, review: DIAGRAM

Michelle Podsiedlik, review: WORDPRESS

Andrew Wilt & Caralee Adams, info: INTERNET ARCHIVE BLOG

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