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Steve Barbaro


Peter Tieryas

“I'm paralyzed by the brilliance of Vi Khi Nao's Oh, God, Your Babies are so Delicious. Her stories - like Lydia Davis, Diane Williams, and Chiara Barzini - are stunning in that they are filled with majestic lines and disturbing images that stay with you for a long time. I read this book in one sitting and will return to it.”

- Brandon Hobson

“Oh, God, Your Babies Are So Delicious requires a certain immersion and cerebral imagination in order to absorb its complexities. A poetic anthology that integrates the painful realities of a dysfunctional society into a series of short stories. The imagination and creativity of this book left me craving for more. To be able to seamlessly blend poetic anecdotes with quality literary fiction seems to come effortlessly to the author, Vi Khi Nao. This book is a must-read for those who have a lust for transcendent stories that provoke an imagery of erotic yet disturbing stories, but also has interlaced moments of beauty and a mysterious insightfulness into somewhat taboo thoughts and experiences. I am waiting with great anticipation for the next anthology from this emerging and wonderfully accomplished author.”
- Michael Reeves


“Falling somewhere between short fiction and lyric poetry, Oh, God, Your Babies Are So Delicious is a remarkable exploration of language and its possibilities. Erudite, deeply erotic and equally cruel, with the airy grace of a fairy tale (that sometimes folds back on itself), Vi Khi Nao's voice is clear but constantly changing, always self-aware, and capable of pretty much anything. There are beautiful, grotesque, insightful stories; stories that are really poems; poems that are really stories. Somehow, Nao manages to write about cucumbers and abortions, incest, eating babies, and raping mothers without necessarily being a transgressive writer. I read through most of it at 4 in the morning in one sitting...This is a challenging book but also a rewarding one, and definitely one I'd recommend checking out.”- Kyle Muntz

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